Friday, August 4, 2017

8/4/2017 Monk Seal Dailies: News from our Kauai Pal Val

Thanks Val for the update. 
First we got a little info on Oahu's newest visitor from Kauai. Yesterday Tammy reported a seal with a V18 bleach mark and tagged V26/27.  Val came through with a little more...  Adult male born to RK12 in 2005 at Kiahuna on Kauai. He has a V shaped scar on the left flank.  He is one of the "players" and is usually seen cruising up and down the east side of Kauai looking for girls. While he is a cruiser, he seems to be a good boy, not being a bully type seal. He has also been fitted with a critter-cam twice.  (Maybe... he escorted Pohaku home, or he's looking for Rocky who is usually on Kauai with her pup).  Only the seals know :-)    Oh and one more thing.... V18 - Val wants you to Come HOME.

Out next update is Pohaku's little boy now known as RJ28/29. Val and Ron found him snoozing. He's pretty chubby and has a little white bleach mark on his left foreflipper.

RJ28/29 chubby boy
 Natural bleach mark
 new bling

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