Monday, August 7, 2017

8/7/2017 Monk Seal Dailies: RN14@Paradise Cove, Rocky&Kaimana, UU@ Rabbit Island

Today's dailies are brought to you by Team Billand, posse pal Gayle, and a post from Lesley's Ka'ena Point Trek.  We have pictures and plenty video. So get another cup of Joe ready, sit back and relax.

Team Billand did a 6 am check of Paradise Cove and came up empty, left to check other sites. 
They received a call at 7:21 about a seal at Lagoon 3, so they returned and the seal left. They then went looking at all the other spots including Campbells area. Nada! 

At 10:20 when they went back to Paradise Cove there was a seal. RN14. Good instincts to check in at Paradise Cove again. RN14 was alert resting on his side. A woman informed them the seal was there when she arrived at 9 am.  Team Billand called the hotline, did some outreach, and placed three signs.  Of course there were the folks that just can't stay away or listen to reason. Natalie from HMAR arrived around noon and moved all the people out of the water on the left side. RN14 came up on shore into the left corner and a new zone was erected.

Gayle spent some time with Rocky and Kaimana today, this little one isn't so little anymore and is quite a little show off.  Thank you for including the video clips Gayle!

I also included a photo by Civil Beatof Kaimana and Rocky on Sunday. You might have seen it on Civil Beat, but I just had to include it. 

 RN14 and passer-by 
 tennis anyone
Kaimana  PO4
 tail in the air
 Rocky and Kaimana
Kaimana wants a new pair of slippahs

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