Saturday, August 12, 2017

8/12/2017 Monk Seal Dailies: Kolohe RW22, Kaiwi RK96, Kaimana, Benny RE74 & Pohaku RO28, RN14

Today's Dailies are brought to you by  Mrs. Whisper, Team Billand, Posse pals Gayle, and Tony.  In addition we had a clip shared on monksealmania facebook page from Dorothy Wong, (I did reach out and ask where she was when she found the two critters).  I also found a clip from civil beat of Kaimana's last moments in Waikiki.  Thank you all for sharing!

Marilyn checked Rabbit Island this morning and was able to ID Kolohe RW22 from his cue ball natural bleach mark on his RFF and male belly. Thank goodness for that bleach mark.

Next Marilyn received a text about a seal at China Walls.  Marilyn visited the area between 10:20 - 10:40 am and confirmed Kaiwi RK96.  

Team Billand once again found RN14 at Paradise Cove, he did his usual swim in the lagoon, he hauls out, barks, back in the water to swim to Luau, back to shore on the left corner.  Team Billand spent time keeping folks back and educating.  They left at 8 am, they never saw him again during the day.

At 9:26 am Team Billand found da Benny and Pohaku at White Plains. Both seals were high up on shore. Life Guards posted ropes and signs.  Lots of people out and about at White Plains surfers being respectful when their boards strayed to close... being quick to retrieve their boards. Hotline was notified, bad reception out at the plains. 11:15 am Team Billand had to leave informed hotline, and last heard they were trying to get someone out there.

Tony sent a couple of pictures from Kaimana's last hooray in Waikiki.  The NOAA team was out in full force to relocate the buggah to a new undisclosed location.  (I also found a clip from Civil Beat showing the NOAA team at work.)

Gayle would later in the day find 6 year old Kaiwi at Kokee Flats.  Guess she didn't want to hang around Waikiki today. LOL funny how she's back on the east side.

Kaiwi RK96  at China Walls 
 RW22 Kolohe on Rabbit Island - We finally have an ID of a Rabbit Island critter 
 should I stay or should I go?
 Guess I'll stay for a while.
 Benny and Pohaku White Plains
 Da Benny
Kaimana's last Waikiki moments (hopefully for a very very long time)
 Sneaking up very very carefully. 
Kaiwi at Kokee Flats
 oh she looks so good.. new coat and nice and big.
Video from Civil Beat NOAA Team and Kaimana

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