Friday, August 4, 2017

8/4/2017 Monk Seal Dailies: Lesley's Fun Day - Sailing Race, R5AY, Ua Malie and PO4

Had a special and full morning.
Took Kimo before dawn to Kaneohe for the Oahu/Kauai sailing race. As I drove to TBR I did several stops to see them sailing by: from Kualoa Park I saw the starting line near Chinaman Hat, then Kahana Bay Pt, Kaaava, Haula finally made it to TBR.
Had quality time watching R5AY "Honey Girl", then RT10 "Ua'Malie" and PO4 (M). What an easy pup ! Mom calls he comes, no swimming away a very serene atmosphere.

Thank you Lesley!  Great photos of this seal family!
Grandma R5AY Honey Girl
 Daughter/Mom Ua Malie - Son/grandson PO4

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