Wednesday, April 8, 2015

4/8/2015 Turtle Bay Update

Thank you Diane.... Diane reported that although Honey Girl looks thin she's seems fine... she's being the wonderful Mom that she is... she's an AMAZING mother seal.
 love the look
 the kid is yammering about something

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b said...

I love viewing all these photos of the pup..Ola Loa. She is a character as all of Honeygirls pups.

I wish a mom could just hang out a bit longer, I hate to think Ola Loa will soon be ALONE in a human world.

That jeep scared me alot. Where the heck did it come from? Good thing some one was there to SEE IT and get the authorities.

All the shots are beautifully done, capturing each moment between a Hawaiian Monk Seal Mom and her pup. Just super great.

I applaud all you volunteers taking on all those hours out there daily, through rain and the many people that go out there.

Pretty soon that OLA LOA will be on her own..facing many things in her little life. God bless her, she is a beautiful fat chick. I just love her, same as you all. EVEN IF I AM NOT THERE, I am in heart and through all of your photos.