Thursday, April 2, 2015

4/2/2015 Monk Seals Rehabiltated in Kona Returned to Northwest Hawaiian Islands

Aloha good people .... in case you missed some of these stories it's worth taking a look.... Here's a link to an interview Rachel Sprague from NOAA/NMFS/PIRO did .... as well as a link to a couple of stories.

What is so wonderful the team efforts between federal, state agencies, and NGOs (non government organizations), as it should be. In the end this is a HUGE success story !  YEA for the Hawaiian monk seal team!!!

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b said...

WOW, look at this success story, of saving two seals from the NWHI. JUST SUPERB !!!

Both seals look so FAT, HEALTHY, fantastic turn around for Hawaiian Monk Seals.

I wish I could say this for : HAUPU RB24. Too bad she wasnt saved too.

Congratulations to all involved. Your work is so appreciated!!!

At least they can go home and be themselves and to be OLD. Remarkable work done here.