Saturday, April 18, 2015

4/18/2015 Yesterday's News Ola Loa and La'akea

In the yesteday's news department... thank you Tony foe sharing these precious pictures of the sisters hanging out together
pretty cute seeing them hanging out together
typical silly seal position


Anonymous said...

How common is it for another seal to hang out with a 'weaner'? And is there any sense of the older seal continuing the young one's education or looking out for it?

Donna Festa said...

Aloha Bobbi.... I am by no means an expert, so anything I am saying is purely on my observations... Hopefully one of the experts (or someone who has been around a lot longer than me will weigh in)...

On the main Hawaiian Islands you will often see a weaner if they are in the company of an older seal ... hang out with them, mostly play. This has been seen on Rabbit Island where there are multiple seals and so other locations where there are multiple animals hanging out.

As far as the education process hard to say... There are some older seals (Buster) who are very good with the younger seals...he'll play but not too rough ... often the younger seals will follow him to spots they may not have ventured off to on their own.

Since the population is growing on the main Hawaiian Islands it is giving us an opportunity to learn more about these amazing creatures...