Saturday, April 4, 2015

4/4/2015 DB's Dailies: RM38@RI, Kea,Buster&Kaiwi@BH, Nihoa@Maipalaoa, Benny@White Plains,Ka'ena,RW02,Kolohe&RL42@Ka'ena Point

At 0900 I found what would prove to be RM38 way out on the left end rock flats at Rabbit Island. He was the only RI resident today, and stayed out there all day.

 Both Gayle and I were out & about in the quadrant today. At 1008 Gayle called to advise that Kea (RN46) was in the Blowhole Cove. He had not been there on my previous checks. While I was checking on him and talking with new posse member Kai, I noticed a “swimming head” foraging off of Blowhole. I wasn’t having much luck getting an ID and decided to do my Toilet Bowl check and then come back. Just as I got to TBL, Gayle called to advise that now there were 2 swimming heads ! When I got back to BH Kai showed me the K96 & V38 tags shots she’d gotten. Yep... it was Buster (RV08) & Kaiwi (RK96) foraging together.

 Team Billand checked in at 0658 with the report of Nihoa (R912) snoozin’ at the Maipalaoa Canal. 

At 0757 posse member Rikki called while on R5AY&Ola duty to advise that BG (R303) was still at Kahuku Point. Rikki saw her first “spew” from BG today, and was concerned enough to call. I assured her it was quite normal.

 At 0925 Team Billand called again to advise that surfer Rich had called them with the report of an animal at White Plains. When they arrived the found Benny (RE74) on the Ewa Beach side of the east end WP perimeter fence. At 1818 the Billands advised that Benny had relocated to Tower#2 at 1600 per volunteers.

Marilyn trekked to The End of the World today. She found Kolohe (RW22) & RL42 together at the main pool, and RW02 & Ka’ena (RO40) at the runway, at Ka’ena Point.

 Kaiwi and Buster
Benny at White Plains
 Busy day at the plains today
 Nihoa at Maipalaoa
Ka'ena and RW02
 RL42 and Kolohe

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