Monday, April 27, 2015

4/27/2015 DB's Dailies: Sadie&PO2, Kolohe&RIP@RI, Pohaku@Makaha, Nihoa@Haleiwa

My first pass through the SE quadrant was a bust, but when I got back to Makai Pier at 0900, I found Sadie&PO2(RB12) now on the beach, having completed their morning swim session. They would do another from 1215 - 1235.

 There were two more critters there also. When Marilyn found Kolohe at Spitting Cave yesterday, I was pretty sure he would be in my life today. Sure enough there he was, his right side natural bleach “cue ball” was shining brightly. He would remain all day.

 There was also an animal fronting Left Greenery. It took a while but he finally rolled over and there was a transmitter showing. That, in combination with his old dorsal transmitter scar, said it was my first born son, RIP (RR70) ! It was nice to have the boyz back home.

 At 0736 Team Billand called to advise that they had responded to a DanaTxt, reporting an animal at the Makaha Surf Side Condos, where they found Pohaku (RO28).

 My favorite NOAA intern, Cianna, apparently escaped from the mine today, and called from Haleiwa where she was in the company of what would prove to be Nihoa (R912).

kolohe, Sadie and PO2
 R912 Nihoa
 Pohaku... looking very plump
 Ola Loa ... looking cuter than cute
 sweet little girl

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b said...

Thanks to eagle eyes of Cianna who found, NIHOA R912. I was shocked to hear she was way out there after her hazing episodes. I will truly miss that female from NIHOA ISLAND.

She has taught us so much in four years, how strong a Monk Seal can be and endure all kinds of stuff. I admired her strengths.

God keep her safe out there where ever she may go. I dont think we will be seeing her again, she has moved on to a new location. I hope she will give us ONE MORE STRONG PUP in her future. Safe Journey...NIHOA.

For that beautiful pup North shore, my goodness, that young thing is a real cutie, PERFECT. I so love all her photos...I wish her well too...Ola Loa, great name by the way. Perfect.

And one last thing, THANKS TO MY DEAR FRIEND...DEBBIE. For sitting out with our FAT MAMA..Pohaku R028, till 7pm last night. You are sooo appreciated Miss Debbie.

So now..for us, we just got Pohaku and U ilani, two females left in our lives. Cant find T12 any where..but glad to have met up with him. Hope he dont get hooked any more.

Where is the BENNY???

RIP and Kolohe are back home with Papa Dunlap, wonder if he may have followed them? Who knows.