Wednesday, April 22, 2015

4/22/2015 DB's Dailies: Sadie&PO2,Duke,Aukai&Kainoa@RI, Kolohe@GR, Benny@Nanakuli, Ola@TB

At 0716 on my first look at Rabbit Island I found Sadie(RB12)&PO2 on D#7, at the usual far left end location. The would move up and down but remained in that area all day.

 Also at 0716 I found Duke (RA12) & Aukai (RL12) together, 40 ft left of IBS. They too would remain there all day.

 On my 2nd look, at 0844 I added Kainoa (RN04) to the RI cast. He was on the water front rocks at mid Middle Cliff.

 Despite treks through the quadrant by both Gayle & I , that would be the cast for today.

 At 0800 Team Billand reported Kolohe (RW22) at Maili Guard Rails.

 At 0824 they found Benny (RE74) at Puka Pants Beach, Nanakuli.

 I got a call from volunteer Rikki Goble last night regarding having seen Ola Loa at Turtle Bay mouthing something during a swim. There was some concern as to whether or not she might have picked up a hook, though Rikki advised that she could see nothing when Ola hauled out.
Owing to the possibility that she could have swallowed something, the NOAA gang responded the morning with portable Xray. Dana called at 1120 to advise that nothing had been found, which was of great comfort. Thanks troops ! A BIG WHEW !!

 Thanks to Rosa & Lorenzo, from the Mediterranean side of the Monk Seal house for stopping my the pier today to talk story aboutd our respective critters.

 Aukai and Duke
 Sadie, PO2, Duke and Aukai 
 Momma Sadie and pup
 Benny at Nanakuli
 Kolohe at Guard Rails
 Ola Loa photos from yesterday showing a possible hook
 this photo shows he with fishing line in her mouth... thankfully today's report there wasn't a hook or line

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