Saturday, April 18, 2015

4/18/2015 DB's Dailies: Sadie,PO2&Aukai@RI. R5AY@Hauula, Candy Green, RW02@Camp Erdman, Lesley M

At 0756 I found Sadie&PO2 just galumphing down to the water line at the left end of the beach on Rabbit Island. D#3 was a replay of the previous 2 days, eating, and sleeping, moving up with the rising tide.

 Also at 0756 I found Aukai (RL12) snuggled up to the log, 40 ft left of 1BS. She would move down at 1000 and entered the water at 1010. I did not see her again today.

 At 1115 Dana called to advise that volunteer Candy Green had reported R5AY in her backyard, at “the Alligator Pond”, Hauula. This marks her first sighting since weaning Ola.

 I got a call from a fisherman posse member who was fishing in Hauula , at 1250. He advised that a seal was just hauling out across from the Fire Station. I notified Dana. You’d have to think R5AY, but I’ve heard nothing further .

 At 1631 Lesley reported and confirmed RW02 on the birth beach side of Camp Erdman. Thank you !

 I had to zoom in on this photo to see what was happening.... 
 RW02 Camp Erdman

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