Monday, April 20, 2015

4/20/2015 Ola Loa and an Intruder - 4/19/15

Aloha All....
These pics were sent to me from an old seal friend who was at Turtle Bay yesterday (4/19).... She saw this man enter the SPZ , and tried to wave him off ...... the volunteer on site didn't see the guy enter the zone but did go to talk to him on his way out.  Apparently this man wasn't interested in walking around the zone.... and it was reported little miss Ola was more interested in showing her displeasure rather than showing any interest or curiosity about him.

 little miss Ola giving this guy the "get the hell out of here" look
 and she means business!
 as a volunteer it's always hard to approach someone who is so blatantly disrespectful, I hope he didn't give her a bad time.

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madhatter said...

You tell them, Ola!