Friday, February 3, 2017

2/3/2017 DB's Dailies: RM38,Mojo,J/M@Rabbit Island, Benny@Secrets, Pohaku@Makaha, Kekoa,Kerby,Kolohe, RW02&RIP@Maili Pt

It was horrible Rabbit Island viewing conditions today. Terminal Vog, rain, and overcast made it a challenge.

 At 0800 I found what would later prove to be RM38 (thanks Mark), behind the dunes, left of 1BS, and a J/M, unknown at 3BS. He would enter the water before an ID was possible.

 At 0830 Mojo (RI17) hauled out to 1BS and moved up to briefly check on RM38 before moving back down on the far left end of the beach, where he remained the rest of the day.

 At 0958 I did one of many routine pans down to Kaupo Beach Park, and there I saw Gayle & Kawena(RH36) on the beach. Gayle was on the phone, and simultaneously my phone rang. It was Gayle.

 NOAA personnel, Mark,Mike,Adam&Nicole did a RI bleaching mission today. The J/M had already departed, but they managed to get an N38 bleach on RM38, and an N17 bleach on Mojo (REI17). Both bleaches were mid body dorsal with a girdle number. Mark sent shots from today, however only RM38 shots made it. I assure you they got Mojo also. REALLY?  the little J/M escaped without an ID... that just takes the cake.... 

 At 0608 Team Billand reported an over nighted Benny (RE74), once again at Secrets. He would depart at 1230.

 A Team Billand text at 0857 advised that posse member Debbie had reported Pohaku (RO28) at Makaha Beach at 0800. Debbie reported to the Hotline.\

 At 1011 Team Billand called, excitedly reporting that 5 animals were just hauling out to Maili Point. They would prove to be Kekoa (RK72), Kerby (RW08), RW02, RIP(RR70)&Kolohe (RW22). BoyZ club!!


 Hi Gayle !!!  and Kawena
 such a sweet little fac
 Rip and Kolohe
RW02 and Kerby

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