Sunday, February 12, 2017

2/12/2017 DB's Dailies:Kea,Kainoa&J/U@Rabbit Island, Kawena@Kaupo Beach Park, Pohaku@Waikomo's,Kekoa,Kolohe,Kerby,W02&RN14@Maili, BG@Turtle Bay,

It was a beautiful day out there, and all those souls that were trapped in the homes yesterday, allllll decided to go to the beach today. Every inch of coastline was a zoo, and sadly, that includes Rabbit Island. 10 Bad Guys thru the day. No Docare. (None of them had anything to do with seals)

 At 0730 I found Kea (RN46) snoozin’ in the grass, fronting 3BS on Rabbit Island. At 0810 he hurriedly galumphed toward the water. Though I had not seen them he joined a small animal and a larger animal, and all played in the shore break for a while. It was so calm and clear that as they began their swim toward Oahu I could easily follow them, however they veered toward Waimanalo and I lost them in the coral heads just off shore. At 1046 Kea would return to RI, and haul out fronting 1BS. When I panned the island at 1100 I found the other two, on the water front at mid Middle Cliff on RI. I never got a look at the belly on the smaller animal, but my guess would be that it was the small juvenile male. Kainoa (RN04) was kind enough to show me his belly, so I got that ID.

 I had been panning to Kaupo Beach Park every 10 minutes or so all day, and was thankful that there was no little girl there amongst the hordes. Unfortunately, on the 1335 look, therrrre she was, right in the middle of everything. I immediately called the Hotline.

 Team Billand called at 0724 with the report of Pohaku (RO28) at Waikomo’s on the west side.

 At 0906 they called to advise that they had 4 animals at Maili. Over the course of the morning that would prove to be 5 animals. In order of appearance they would prove to be Kekoa (RK72), Kolohe (RW22),Kerby(RW08), RW02 & RN14.

 Dr. Tom sent shots of his BG (R303) find at the Elbow, Turtle Bay today. Thank you.........very much !

 On a much more solemn note, a reliable source wrote this afternoon to advise that RA20's 3 day old pup and been found, dead yesterday afternoon. Awaiting further word.  WTH !!!!

 Kawena and a new little friend.... as cute as they both are.... this is NOT a good idea and why volunteers are needed.
 Yup let me bring my young child up to a wild animal!
 are any of the adults paying attention?
 thank you Dr. Tom
 Rock pillow

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