Friday, February 17, 2017

2/17/2017 DB's Dailies: Kawena@Kaupo Beach Park, Benny@Paradise Cove, RIP,Kekoa&Kolohe@Maili, RW02&Kerby@Puka Pants, Nanakuli,

Rabbit Island was Monk Seal free today. Fortunately, Kawena would show up at Kaupo Beach Park at 1224, hauling out at 1228. The Hotline was notified.

 Team Billand reported Benny (RE74) once again at Paradise Cove.

 At 0857 they reported RIP (RR70), Kekoa (RK72) & Kolohe(RW22) at Maili.

 At 0946 the Billands found RW02 & Kerby RW08) at Puka Pants Beach, Nanakuli.

Kawena and the usual sunny day crowd.... It's a holiday weekend... we'll see how it goes.
 Kekoa and Rip
Kerby and RW02
 RW02 and Kerby

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