Tuesday, February 14, 2017

2/14/2017 A Message from the Blog Lady

Aloha Good People!

I would like to take this opportunity to explain a few things.... Barbara originally made a comment on Sunday's posting regarding Kawena and the photos that were posted.  First Barbara asked me to remove the comment and I did.

Secondly I did get an email and spoke to a couple of friends about that day..... From what I understand there was a volunteer on hand, but the volunteer did not have any signs. This in itself puts the volunteer in a very difficult position to work a large crowd. Also I was told the adults were asked to keep the children back and they did not seem to care.

After speaking with Barbara,  I have to say I myself felt the same frustration and concern for Kawena's well being. Those folks that have been around for a while have witnessed some awful situations and seen young seals habituated and have to be transferred to the north west islands. 

HERE's the deal at no time or does anyone want to blame or put down any volunteer out there... If there is anyone who watches over these animals feels they are not appreciated.... you are wrong... YOU are VERY appreciated.... and many many of us understand the frustration and difficulty you have out there on the beach.

MY QUESTION is.... How do we handle these situations?  In the past.... "posse" people, folks in the community who were familiar with seals were allowed to have signs.... IF THAT was still in place the volunteer who was there would have had some help.... IT's A WIN-WIN.... Volunteers get to do their job and the seal is protected AND reliable people in the community are there to help.   I would love to hear some input about how we avoid this in the future..... BECAUSE it will happen again !!

LASTLY ... Please to all the volunteers.... I applaud you... You are appreciated and please feel free to share your opinions.  (If you would like to remain anonymous you can email me and I will post your thoughts without your name.!!  But please keep it productive and considerate of others.

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Liz said...

well said.... All kinds of things happen when on the beach- don't know the background of this letter but volunteers do need all the help and respect that they can get.