Saturday, October 29, 2016

10/29/2016 In Addition: Right Spot at Pyramid Rock MCBH

Thank you Luis Lusi for sharing your Right Spot photos... nice to see her on the east side.... These photos came in too late to make the dailies....  looks like she might be starting her molt


Anonymous said...

Welcome home Right Spot ! She has weaned her Molokai pup in just the last few days, and is now back to her regular haunts on Oahu. As is always the case she is looking skinny and her coat is pretty ratty, but in about 60 days she well do her post wean molt and will be a new & improved Right Spot (R016). DB

Diga said...

That's Lusi, not Luis. Spellcheck changed it on me too.

Donna said...

Boy did I get things mixed up... corrected Lusi name... Right Spot isn't starting her molt... and Marilyn saw L04 not RL42.

Long Days, late nights, don't make for accuracy . Thank you for keeping me honest!