Wednesday, October 12, 2016

10/12/2016 DB's Dailies: J/F@Rabbit Island, Kaiwi@China Walls, Pohaku@CIP, Ka'ena,Kerby,Ka'ale&Squinty@KP, Kekoa@Maili Pt, BG@10Min Bch,

Though I arrived at Makai Pier at 0900 it would be 1210 before anybody showed up on Rabbit Island. The sole resident was a J/F, with a new coat and 2 red tags. I first spotted her on the left end rock flats where she was trying to snooze, but being worked regularly by the flats being awash at high tide. She finally gave up at 1300 and entered the water only to haul out again at Seal Rock Inlet at the other end of the island at 1322.

 At 1430 I found Kaiwi (RK96) exactly where I saw her yesterday, at China Walls. She is lookin’ happy & healthy

 At 0723 Team Billand found Pohaku (RO28) at Campbell Industrial Park.

 At 0850 they reported Kekoa (RK72) at Maili Point.

 Tammy T was at the End of the World today.  At 0848 she reported Ka’ena and an U/U.

 At 0910 she reported that Ka’ale had arrived to join her.

 At 1118 Tammy had another U/U. Awaiting photos.

 Barbara also did the trek and joined Tammy for a time. At 1205 she reported Ka’ena arriving to join Ka’ale. Since Tammy had reported him earlier I presume Ka’ena left and returned.

 At 1245 Barbara reported Squinty (R330).

 Barbara next reported the arrival of Kerby (RW08). Apparently he and Ka’ena had words and Kerby departed. I think Ka’ale departed also leaving Ka’ena alone in the pool, however the would also depart . Later, Ka’ale would return to the main pool.

 Ka'ena and Ka'ale
Ka'ale and Ka'ena - has to be one of the sweetest  moments outside of a mom and pup
 the onlookers
 great shot
 okay people just a little too close

 well look here .... a stick waiting for me
 heaven i'm in heaven 
 Ka'ena and Kerby
 I guess they had a lot to say to each other


b said...

Many years ago, SIGNS were posted at Kaena Pt. Well over the many years, SALT takes its tole on SIGNS.

People need to know, STAY BACK OF HAULED OUT SEALS!!!! They came one after another, getting their shots of an adorable, SWEET SEAL, named Kaale. You can only do so much in hours out there in the hot sun. After all that talking, the next bunch comes..and they get as close as possible. OUTRAGES!!!!

The action of Kaena and Kerby was outstanding. And little small fry...KAALE RH32, was right in there trying to break up the fight. What a brave soul that Kaale. He and Kaena were just darling playing with each other. Seems so funny to see the OTHER SIDE OF KAENA..THE BULL.

Kaena was like protecting HIS CHILD from Kerby, who wanted to just haul out. Kerby went and came back over and over. BUT THE BULL..Kaena R040 was not having him stay...AT ALL. THe fight was exciting, people gathered...away from the seals..A GOOD THING.

In the end, Kaale came all the way up alone...Kerby and Kaena left. It was nice, QUIET, until the next bunch of folks came...ITS TUFF OUT THERE...WHOSE GONNA SEE??

Nice to chat with Tammy...thanks for da shells!!!

WHO IS RESPONSIBLE for signage out there...what is left is unreadable except the large one on the top. Its the winter season coming...seals will go high up and THERE aint nothing to tell folks...STAY BACK. SIGNS ARE NEEDED, BADLY.

Kaena of my favorite places on earth...Its beautiful, wild, exciting.

I cant wait for the humpbacks to come back...I been waiting to see that spout to alert me...THEIR BACK.

To Kaale, I feel your charm, your innocents, I think of your MOM .... R912 and my heart aches..she is no longer on earth to observe. God bless her for YOU Mr strong little guy..You fill my heart with happiness whenever I meet you.

Kaale, in moms voice...BORT!!! BAH!! SNORT!! WHOOP WHOOP!!!!

Diga said...

Hi Barbara, Beautiful shots of a wonderful seal day! I hope one day we can have a weekly schedule of volunteers out there doing outreach. It's needed. Thanks for doing that long hike regularly and reporting what's going on out there. I hope they will find a way to budget for the signs. Diane

b said...

Hey D, its my pleasure to keep an eye out for the critters. On our end of the island, we have lost alot of our , going out to Kaena..we find seals and its awesome. Its one hell of a hot walk, but, THE SEALS ARE WORTH IT.

I wish I knew how much those signs cost...are they that expensive???? I am not talking about the huge colored ones, just the smaller ones...SOMETHING WITH INFORMATION on it. EVERYONE NEEDS TO GET SOME EDUCATION ... Kaena Pt is no longer a place that only seals go. THE PLACE IS HEAVEN TO TOURISTS LOOKING FOR AN ADVENTURE.

Having a place to educate folks about seals sounds GREAT. A post on Mokuliea and one at Yokohams end as well. PERFECT. WE CAN .........DREAM. He He.

Anonymous said...
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Donna said...


I removed your post due to your accusations.... Please do not use this forum to bash other people of falsely accuse them of things they did not do.

What I will say is I do agree the need for more signs and if you would like to identify yourself and have a conversation about what can be done for more signs that is great.

I just not going to have people going after each other... it's about the seals. period !