Thursday, October 13, 2016

10/13/2016-DB'sDailies:Kolohe&Cass@Rabbit Island, Aukai@CIP. Pohaku@Secrets, Ua Malie@ Kahuku, Lei Ola@Turtle Bay

At 0750 I found Kolohe (RW22) up in the Morning Glory, 40 ft right of 1BS. His right side NB was clearly visible on his move down to the water. He would do a short swim and then haul out again to 1BS, where he remained the rest of the day. His last visit home was on 7-22-16. Chances are excellent that he is back at RI for his molt.

 On a pan at 1322 I found a juvenile female, right of Seal Rock Inlet. It would take some time but at 1427 I confirmed the Cass (RG06) ID, by he light area on her posterior, right side.

 At 0938 I got a call from a woman, reporting an animal at Makalei Beach Park. I immediately notified the HMMA Hotline. Colleen responded and texted me later that the animal was gone, but was said to have tags, so that rules out Rocky, but ???? ( my dollar is on Buster but ??)

 Long time posse member Dennis Kunkel emailed that on his usual weekly walk of the Kahuku area, he found Ua Malie (RT10) mid way between the Campbell Refuge and High Rock. He also advised that she was just beginning to molt. Sorry, no photos. This would be 56 days since weaning her pup. 

Team Billand found Aukai (RL12) foraging at Campbell Industrial Park, at 0716.

 Diane G spent quality time with Lei Ola (RH48). Dr. Tom & Carola were also there for the little one through the day.

 At 1028 the reported Pohaku (RO28) at Secrets, KoOlina.


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