Monday, October 17, 2016

10/17/2016 DB's Dailies: Buster@Diamond Head, Cass@China Walls, Kawena@Rabbit Island, Kolohe@Lanai Lookout, Pohaku@Secrets, Kerby&RL42@Makua Cliffs, Aukai,Ka'ena&Squinty@Ka'ena Point, Ka'ale@40Min, Kaiwi@Outrigger CC, Y/N R8HE@Makua Bch, 10-16-16

A call from surfer posse member Dave Martin, advised that he was looking at an animal at Diamond Head, with a V38 tag. This confirms the Buster (RV08) ID. He advised that he was below the 2nd overlook. I notified the Hotline. Colleen also confirmed the Buster ID later.

 At 0740 I found Cass (RG06) once again at China Walls, and called the Hotline. A call from Mark Sullivan (NOAA)at 1150 advised that he and Keelan were going to assess Cass at CW. There was some concern about her tongue since it had been involved in her hooking. An after mission conversation advised that a look into her mouth showed the tongue appeared normal and uniformly pink. What might be the cause of her obvious wait loss has yet to be determined. The hooking and molt may account for it, but it could well be something else, so further monitoring of Cass is required.

 I got to Makai Pier at 0905 and was batting zero.  A DLNR (DOFAW) group went out to Rabbit Island, to do whatever DOFAW guys do. 2 of the people turned out to be scientists and began exploring the cliff areas. As it turned out they were looking for a particular Skink (lizard). They say there are none. I decided to follow there journey with the scope as they headed for the east end of the island (the Rabbit’s Nose), hoping they might find somebody I couldn’t see. It paid off as they approached what I refer to as the Last Greenery, 50 ft from the rabbit’s nose. The area is debris rocks and large boulders. Not conducive to haul outs, yet I’ve seen animals out there several times over the years. They suddenly stopped and began backing up, and what should pop up from her hiding spot but little weaner Kawena (RH36). There is no way in the world I would have been aware of her without these guys. She would move down to cool off for the day. Moving back up as the tide began to rise.

 A posse member called at 1223 reporting an animal on the Lanai Lookout flats. When I got there at 1400 I confirmed the Kolohe (RW22) ID.

 At 0538 Team Billand called with the report of Pohaku (RO28) at Secrets.

 On a check of Makua Beach at 0810 the Billands spoke with a “permanent resident” family who advised them that there had been an injured animal plus 3 others, one of which was “a baby” there together , but they had just departed. The family might well have been he reason for that but ??

 At 0923 the Billands reported Kerby (RW08) & RL42 together at Makua Cliffs.

 Barbara did the Ka’ena Point trek and at 1102 reported Aukai (RL12) & Ka’ena (RO40) and Squinty (R330) at the End of the World.

 On her way out Barbara found Ka’ale (RH32) at the 40Min mark.

 At 1210 Colleen checked in with the report of Kaiwi (RK96) at Outrigger.

 Last but certainly not least, the video shot of the injured animal at Prey For Sex (Makua Beach) was posted on NOAA HMSRP , Facebook site this afternoon. Though the animal is not named, reliable sources identified her as R8HE. Analysis of the footage and checking visible markers against existing shots in my photo database confirm that the ID is true. Shots of her at Ka’ena Point on 2-25-14,2-27-14 & 8-24-14 on her only other known Oahu visits, support the markers as scene on the video.

 hmm looks like this kid needs a couple vitamin fish shakes to fatten her up
 Kolohe at Lanai Lookout
 Kerby & RL42
 Pohaku at Secrets
 moon @secret beach
 Ka'ena and Squinty
 Kaiwi back at the country club

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