Tuesday, October 25, 2016

10/25/2016 DB's Dailies: Kawena& Kekoa @ Rabbit Island, Pohaku @ Electric Beach, R8HE & RW02@ Kea'aus,

At 0918 I found Kawena (RH36) snoozin’ 80 ft left of 1BS on Rabbit Island, and a 70% molted Kekoa (RK72), 70 ft right of 3BS. Both would remain at those locations all day. Kekoa must have done a swim over night because I left a 25% molted animal last night and this morning is is 70%.

 At 0753 Team Billand found Pohaku (RO28) at Electric Beach, across from Kahe Power Plant. She has been MIA for 8 days so it was comforting to find her.

 At 0912 they reported R8HE & RW02 together once again at Kea’aus. They would depart at 1025.

 Kekoa's molt moving along
 I hate seeing tire tracks along the beach. I know sometimes it's the lifeguards or HPD doing patrols but it just doesn't seem right having a motor vehicle traveling along the beach
 R8HE and RW02
 AMAZING... am I the only one who is truly awed by the seals' ability to heal so quickly?

 RW02 and all his tags

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b said...

God bless Da Benny where ever he went. Glad Noaa got to save him ONCE MORE.

To 8HE, she is truly amazing how she is getting to galumph more fluently and not so shaky.

She and RW02 were getting hit by the big surf, the sand being erroded as we observe them. She did a full circle to right and then to left, galumphed to the left, headed to a little outlet, thought about it. Then she went to the corner rocks, checked it out, looking at the surf and she went for it, NOSE DIVED FROM THE ROCKS TO THE WATERS EDGE. WOW, she is determined and then, LADY OCEAN just sucked her right out to the sea.

You should have seen RW02, like flying off the sand, nose dived off the sand CLIFF about five feet high, sucked out like R8HE and was right on her BUTT going Honolulu.

To watch them in the large waves just so beautiful...

Day by day her wounds are oozing fluids, going down the side of her body, the big one on her left shoulder is deflating, oozing as well. SOme times I swear I can smell her.

As always, we felt honored to be there and witness this amazing wounded female known as R8HE. And to see RW02 being a gentlemen all those days on shore. BUT ONCE IN THE WATER, HE WAS A DOG.

There were two people on shore that came from the right, with TWO DOGS, LOOSE. I tried to talk to the lady, she grabbed her dog once he got the whiff of R8HE. The lady then walked back and held her dog..THANK YOU. Then her partner came over as if he wanted to go check out the seal with injury. I stopped him, he listened and saw what he wanted and left with the two dogs. The smaller dog returned, I just stompped my feet and he took off. HAPPY WHEN THINGS WORK OUT WELL. PHEW....you just never know .

SO happy Pohaku was finally found after eight days of her missing. I dont know why she chose this spot at Electric Beach...dont recall her being there before. We see trucks and jeeps in this area all the time all lined up to fish over weekends. Hope she aint there this weekend...SPOOKY.

She seemed relaxed and ok. We didnt stay long to attract anyone to bug her. GLAD SHE IS OK.

One last thing, the waves were huge yesterday, BEAUTIFUL. TODAY: Supposed to be even BIGGER..

TO CASS..you are in our thoughts...always, AMEN.