Monday, January 5, 2015


Aloha Good PEOPLE! ENJOY THIS GREAT CLIP put together by the Hawaiian Monk Seal Research Program (NOAA's Team)


barbara said...

This whole story is remarkable, incredible, and a great ending, so far.

Thanks to NOAA TEAM and all volunteers who helped..Benny got the help he NEEDED.

I am glad all can see what a monk seal goes through and what is involved in saving them. Team Work...WORKS!!!

Benny!! God keep you safe..and may you recuperate you can roam the seas of Hawaii again.

Thanks for posting this sensational story of : BENNY RE74

I have watched this video over and truly is AWESOME.

I am shocked the 4 inch hook, leader line, pig tail, was swallowed and in THE SEALS STOMACH.

Thanks to Kimo Smith who found Benny out at Kaena Pt and got the ball rolling. Your watchful eye got Benny's Life..SAVED. God Bless you Kimo.

Live long............BENNY!!!!!!!!

barbara said...

Any more news on DA BENNY??

After the incredible footage on the Capture and Operation....I WANT MORE!!!

I hope we can all see the progress of Benny soon. I am addicted to :

I am trying to keep calm, but, knowing and seeing what this poor seal been through, I WANT MORE PLEASE!!!!

I am waiting...Yoo Hoo? Anybody up???

Maybe tomorrow.....I am waiting.

Again...THANKS ALL for keeping Benny ..... ALIVE!! He is a Mighty Hawaiian Monk Seal!!!!!!!!