Tuesday, January 20, 2015

1/19/2015 More on Haupu and Rip

thank you Mina for sharing these additional pictures of Haupu and Rip.... but mostly thank you for spending some time out on the beach today with the crowds.


b said...

Many MANY THANKS to Mina Drake for sitting out there with the 1,000 plus crowd . It was a huge crowd for any one to monitor, with little ones in zone, ALWAYS SPOOKY THING TO WATCH...small kids.

Keeping crowds back from a hauling out seal, TOUGH. Everyone wants a close up of the poor animal, looking for parking on shore.

Rob on one end, me on the other, trying to keep humans back, Haupu going back in the water, coming back up, looking. A by stander came, asked to help out and she was struggling just as we were. One person gave her a hard time,she was upset. I told her ..LET IT GO..its the way this whole deal is..and there is always a wise ass in the crowd. LET IT GO.

A bunch of boys, started going ER ER ER, like a seal lion so LOUD. BOTH SEALS LOOKED. I asked the boys, what are you doing? They said they want the seal to go back in the water! Stop I said, give it a chance to sleep...thats all this seal wants to do.

Kids pulling on the ropes, we ask them to stop that..I dont see what the FUN is to pull down the ropes.

There were a total of three broken poles..why, I dont know.

And Mina sent me a text, of a second seal...she also said the crowd was so big, she was having a hard time with people. So Rob dropped me off to go help her out. I id seal as RIP RR70..in same zone as Haupu. He came in just as we left for a break around 1 something per visitors. And they said, Haupu did not like his company, and gave him ... ATTITUDE.

With a crowd so big, HELP IS NEEDED. So Mina, thanks for your work out there.

And later in the day about 5:40 or so, MISS BEV came out..to take the last shift. MAN, we were thrilled to leave white plains. We were STRESSED OUT.

A couple came out earlier to tell me there was a seal at Electric Beach..she described the seal to me, sounds like POHAKU. But we never got out there to check on her.


So thanks again Mina Drake and Bev Rexrode. YOU ARE SO APPRECIATED.

Oh and that bottle floating with Haupu, that is a Kaka line with hooks, that she was checking out. When she dived down, our hearts sank..but she finally left the area. Wish they would OUTLAW KAKA LINES.

b said...

Oh and I forgot to mention Shelly helped out with the ending with Bev. Removing ropes for the night..SO THANKS TO SHELLY TOO.

Bev reports the two seals remain on shore after 7pm.

GoodWill Hunter said...

BIG MAHALO for Team Billand. I got there as soon as I could, and Barbara came soon after!!!
Team work is awesome!