Wednesday, January 28, 2015

1/28/2015 DB's Dailies: Kainoa@RI, RW02@Keaau's, Haupu@Nimitz Pavilion, RK36@Aki's Beach, Makaha

Once again the only critter in the SE quadrant was Kainoa (RN04) on Rabbit Island. I had been at the pier since 0830, with nobody in sight, but at 1036 up popped a little head in the Morning Glory, 50 ft left of IBS, looked around and then back down. A few minutes later Kainoa galumphed out of the Morning Glory and moved down to the water line where he remained the rest of the day.

 Despite rounds through the rest of the quadrant by Melanie & myself, Kainoa would be the only find.
At 0839 the Billands received word of an animal, initially said to be at Makua, but would later change to Keaau’s . Debbie responded, and the Billands would later confirm the animal as RW02, at 1333.

At 0927 George the surfer called the Billands reporting a swimming head off shore of Nimitz Cottages. Haupu (RB24) would haul out fronting #1817, Nimitz Pavilion, at 1025. Jean would report Haupu’s departure ate 1238.

 At 1428 Team Billand reported RK36 at Aki’s Beach, Makaha,

 Haupu at Nimitz
 RK36 at Makaha
 RW02 at Keaau's  he's looking thin
 silly seal sleeping in mid air


da barbara said...

We have not located Benny RE74 and Rip RR70 since their release on Monday in Nanakuli. I hope both of them are ok. Any pings CHARLES???

Thanks to Jean Jasina for coming out to Haupu yesterday. Thanks to GEORGE MYERS, DA SURFA DUDE for spotting our Haupu at Nimitz. George was with her for over one hour, and was on his way to get the signs when we showed up with Olivia.

Miss Haupu wanted to land, RIGHT WHERE A FAMILY WAS LAYING ON THE BEACH. I could see her looking over her shoulder, showing, she wanted, THAT SPOT. So..we asked the family to kindly step back off shore so the seal could land. TA DAAAA!!! She came right up on shore, but near the rocky spot.

We had word of another animal at Keaau's...and folks were around the seal. The seal was posturing, the caller was frantic, so, I called Debbie in Makaha.


By time we got back to Keaau's, RW02, was sleeping with Boogie Boarders fronting his location. He was well aware of them. Visitors came by and wanted a cutesie shot with the seal. We advised.

We were going to leave as Deb was coming back from her errand. As we got to the car, there came a lady into the signed off zone. We just yelled and tooted the horn..FINALLY she heard us and she stepped back from the posturing seal.

Deb called at 6:30pm, that the seal remains on shore, she needs to leave. Oh Deb, thanks for your LONG TIME GUARDING RW02.

The next seal was a surprise..RK36 or 4DJ..Kolohe from Kauai. He was sitting with a turtle at Aki's Beach. Took a while to ID him as he was dirty with sand as is always what a seal does. He made a turn, I could see it wasnt KOLOHE from Rabbit Island. But...I did see his scar on right side near foreflipper..YEP..RK36. YES!!! There is nothing more frustrating than NOT BEING ABLE TO ID A SEAL. The folks in area put the signs out, no ropes used. The folks there were good on my observation time.

SHUCKS, we never located Pohaku, Benny, Rip, hope they are all ok. The worries NEVER STOP with MONK SEALS. You would THINK ..Benny and Rip would...CALL HOME!!!

Anonymous said...

Kea was a regular feature on this blog for many days in a row. Does anyone know where he is? Does he head off to another island?

Melanie said...

Kea was at the Sandy Beach/Blowhole cove area for close to 60 days before, during, and after his molt. Previous to this his pattern was to haul out for 2-3 days, disappear for 10-14 days, then haul out again. He was last seen on 1.17.15, so is "due" back soon. If memory serves (DB will know for certain) Kea's been as far west as Maunalua Bay and as far east as Allen Davis (maybe as far as Pele's Chair?), and not been spotted on any other island. We really want him to find Rabbit Island as it is more isolated from humans. It's been a long 14 days and I will be relieved when the Little Dude is seen again.

And something else in the Department of Worry: did anyone else see the item in the paper about a guy who was sentenced to 7 days in jail for setting out a 1550 foot lay net in Kaneohe Bay? The law limits net size to 125 feet. The guy should be keelhauled (first offense) or drawn and quartered (subsequent offense).

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the info on Kea. I hope he does show up soon.