Friday, January 16, 2015

1/16/2015 It's All About the Benny, No Trouble :-)

Today is a very good day.... in the monk seal community.... Our beloved bad boy Benny was sent back into the wild.... and a few things I heard about his attitude he's pretty much back to his old self.....  THANK YOU to all the doctors, science folk, professionals and of course volunteers.

I have to believe not too long ago 6-7 years ago, Benny's chances of survival would have more difficult... today there is a network of volunteers and posse out there proactively checking on seals, and an incredible response team of volunteers and professionals that can act on a seal in trouble... NOT to mention a facility and medical personal to operate and rehab this amazing creature!!! We've come so far, in a short time, even if we still have a ways to go.... 

 Presenting da Benny
 he's not impressed
 steering him in the right directgion
 there's that handsome mug
 swim away 
 The Media
 da nasty hook

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DA BARBARA said...

I am over whelmed by DA BENNY STORY.

It all began at Kaena Pt. where Kimo and Zeeny found RE74, hooked. No hook seen...just line coming from his mouth.

The very next day: A team of awesome volunteers went out, SEARCHING FOR: THE BENNY.

It took many miles, many stops at various haul outs of: DA BENNY.

Thanks everyone for trying so hard. You are so appreciated .

And then it began at KoOlina, Paradise Cove, where DA Benny came in TWICE to land, but, we all know how that goes there.

More searching of many other haul out spots without any seals found.

And then: Our last stop for US, was White Plains. I sat on shore with Don Porter, in the rains, talking about THE BENNY...and there was a possiblity, this last haul out may be...where DA BENNY would come. I showed Don all my little momentos, I carry in my bag every day. I showed him my father damien card, my st francis card, some charms from John, my dear friend from White Plains. I told him whenever I get worried, I take out all my little things, including a 45 year old photo of Rob and I..on our wedding day. We chuckled about my silly things..BUT...Magic Happened at 1:30pm...DA BENNY SHOWED UP AT 1708 White Plains. OH MY GOSH..OH MY .... he is HERE!!!!

The rest is History, Da Benny was captured and taken to Ford Island.

The vets, NOAA Team, worked hours on DA BENNY, the operation A SUCCESS!!!!

Benny would do much better, without that big ass hook in his belly, with the wire leader, monofilament, pigtail and LEAD????

Yes, and that awesome video was made by NOAA was sensational and so appreciated to see.

Jan 16, 2015..BENNY'S RELEASE DAY at White Plains. Many Volunteers were out to see this amazing release.

Not just reporters were out there and volunteers, but, surfers, folks we see daily at White Plains all concerned for : DA BENNY.

9:29pm..Benny was released...oh my, my heart pounded with excitement, relief that this one critically endangered monk seal had been SAVED BY ALL.

He looked out to the right at the REPORTERS, he came out a bit more from his cage. And then...HE went from 0 to 60 to enter LADY OCEAN. IT was the greatest feeling, the greatest event to witness..I cried with JOY!!! Benny hit the water and went west..but he did make a brief turn and looked as if to say..THANKS TO ALL, SEAL YA.

Now that is the greatest ending of DA BENNY STORY and a new chance with LIFE at Sea and on the shores of Hawaii.

So long MR BENNY...we look forward to seeing you out there again..God Bless you, LOVE YOU WITH MY SOUL.