Tuesday, January 13, 2015

1/12/2015 U/U Swim by at Paradise Cove

Thank you Diane T for sending these late photos of the unidentified swimmer at white plains.... ANYONE out there want to take a guess??  
 Diane guessed Kolohe....
 I guess he didn't stay long.... good set of pics given it was a quick visit.

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B said...

Kolohe RW22..RW23..N33 Bleach.

Kolohe is tuff to ID without seeing his natural bleach spot on right side.

But judging from the calls I got, the seal barked at folks..went in and out of lagoons fast, I 'd say: Kolohe.

And we didnt see him at all yesterday at his rocks in Maili.

And DB is correct in saying: Kolohe is coming back...SOON.

We'll see...

Oh and we found Pohaku at Maili, so....Kolohe isnt around and she seeked a spot she used to go to. Miss Pohaku is surely trying to stay away from the : BOYS!!!