Saturday, January 10, 2015

1/10/2015 Team Billand's Day

once upon a moon
 little olivia is growing up sooooo fast
 speaking of growing Haupu is getting bigger by the day
 Rip hanging out with Haupu
White Plains maddness
Rip puffing up his chest  
SO SORRY MS. HAUPU - it was late and I read the wrong number on the photo....  
 Kolohe at Secrets


madhatter said...

Hey Rip which way is the beach?

Da Barbara said...

RIP PUFFING HIS CHEST ... Actually that is HAUPU and her FAT BELLY! You are right, she IS getting FATTER by the day.

The last two shots are of RK36, THE KOLOHE from KAUAI. He was at Maili.

Found out later in the day, a seal was at Maili area, shots were sent into THE HOTLINE. The seal had left area..It was POHKAU R028. Too bad we missed her..we try SO HARD to find this particular seal daily. We worry for her..she tends to go to areas NOT SO GOOD. I say my PRAYERS for her daily..

Thanks to everyone for helping out with the seals YESTERDAY. It was a very crowded beach day.

Hey Benny...Prayers to ya kid. I really miss you..especially when we pass your many haul out spots. You are in my heart for ever!!!

Prayers to Eileen and Sonnie!!!

Oh and thanks to my grand kid, OLIVIA for helping with the signs and ropes..when Haupu pulled in. She was so excited watching a monk seal swimming amongst the swimmers and surfers. She felt concern, clapping her hands, hoping the folks would get OUT OF HER WAY. And when she placed her one sign in the earth, she watched HAUPU come UP, UP and Up on shore...THE LOOK ON OLIVIA'S FACE...PURE GOLD.
She is learning how to protect,to respect our Hawaiian Monk Seals. She will be three next month and we are so very proud of this little girl from..HEAVEN!!!

Oh and we ran into a Karen Beck of the Science Center..Nice to meet ya.