Wednesday, April 26, 2017

4/26/2017 DB's Dailies:

It was me and da' birds on Rabbit Island today. That is until 1257 when the day got really interesting. On a pan I found a very chubby specimen just hauling out fronting 1BS. Though I suspected early on, it was not until I got home to check my files that I could actually confirm that SADIE (RB12) is back !!! As you can see from photos the girl is a load. She is penciled in for a 5-13-17 due date. Based on her behavior in past years, I'd say she is right on schedule.

At 0730 Team Billand reported RN14 & Lei Ola foraging off shore of Maili. RN14 would depart, but Lei Ola would haul out at 0827.

At 1038 they would report Ka'ale (RH32) & an U/U forgaing off shore of Campbell Industrial Park.

Lesley reported Kerby (RW08) on the west side of KP trail, Ka'ena (RO40) & BG (R303) at the point, and on her journey home reported R8HY at Mokuleia. Check the blog in the morning for her shots.

Shots from one of Donna's kayak posse showed 2 UU on Moku Nui today. There just wasn't enough info to confirm an ID.
2 U/U
LOOK OUT - Wide load ahead!
Lei Ola
Lei Ola & RN14

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