Sunday, April 16, 2017

4/16/2017 DB's Dailies:

Happy Easter ! I hope the Bunny was good to you, and there was an Easter Seal in your life today. It was a "Hat Trick" for me thanks to da' Bunny, Marilyn & See's, with Nani (RK60) at Rabbit Island, topping the day. (Okay... okay See's topped the day !!)  somehow i'm not surprise :-)

At 0640 Team Billand reported RW02 at Nani Kai. They also reported that Kerby (RW08) was there, foraging off shore.

At 0759 Kekoa (RK72) hauled out to join RW02 at Nani Kai.

Some time mid morning the Canadians (Todd, Darlene & Jessica) texted that they were with Kaiwi (RK96) near the lighthouse at Diamond Head. (I didn't log the text time, and their camera is on Canada time so????)

At 0930 Team Billand reported Pohaku (RO28) at Depot's, Nanakuli.

Todd & Darlene were on a definite roll today. As avid blog readers, they've read about all the spots, so when they actually found Rocky (RH58) in her trough at Magic Island at 1530, it was a magic moment for them. Their first MI/Rocky find ! 

Thank you Todd, Darlene & Jessica for being such dedicated blog readers!  Makes it all worth it to know we are connected through our love for the cast of characters making up the Hawaiian monk seal population.
 Kaiwi in Aunty Colleen's neighborhood
 RW02 & Kekoa
 LOOK at those beautiful eggs
Happy Easter to all  

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Anonymous said...

Count me in as an "avid blog reader". I enjoy checking in every morning to see who has been spotted. I play ' find the monk seal ' in the photos. Even knowing how many seals have been spotted they can still be hard to see in among the rocks. You all amaze me with your dedication. Thank you.
The blog does a great job of teaching those of us who visit how to respect the needs of the seals.
Two years ago, on a visit, we got to see a very skinny Honey Girl resting on the beach. What an honor to see her. My family and I return to Oahu in just under two weeks. I will be keeping my eyes open!