Tuesday, April 25, 2017

4/25/2017 In Addition an Update from Lesley

I found R5AY "Honey Girl" past the river @ Pounders. I have been hearing and reading a lot about her pregnancy and that she's about to give birth at any moment. Sorry to say but I don't agree. She's fat healthy and green. I have seen her give birth twice, and been with er on 2 other occasions the day before giving birth. She gets BIG, today I saw her neck, a dip on her side and a straight line from the top of her back to her tail.  Perhaps I'm wrong...

Signs had just been put up, volunteer was leaving and another was on its way.

Stopped at other spots then arriving @ Sunset I saw the crowed. Dozens of Chinese tourist literally on top of R016 "Right Spot". As I approached an older lady was making her way to pet the seal!!. A nice tourist, who had been enjoying beachtime with her gamily helped me and we made the crowd step back. A tour guide also came to help. We did an imaginary line. Called the hotlined an asked them to PLEASE  send a volunteer and signs (more needed than for R5AY).

I was told by a local family that was there yesterday that "Right Spot" is 11 months pregnant, information given by lady that was there taking care... you can judge by pic that it isn't so.

Honey Girl looks healthy... but...???

 Right Spot being surrounded by a rather large group

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