Wednesday, April 12, 2017

4/12/2017 In Addition: Lesley;s KP Update

Diane and I braved the weather today and did our hike out to Ka’ena Pt from the Waianae side.

We first stopped to see RH48 “Lei Ola” at Maili, while we were there we saw 3 seals playing in the water: R3CU, RN14 “Molokai” and RH32 “Ka’ale”. It took MANY shots to get their IDs. It was the first documented time that the boy R3CU made it to the West side. Nice to see the Billands & mahalo to Barbara for sharing

On the trail to the point we found RW08 “Kerby” and RK36 “Kauai Kolohe”. We were up on the trail /cliff. We called “Kerby” in but he was in a bad location for the team to come and retrieve his camera.

We were skunked at the point but saw many albatrosses and chicks. We got caught by several rain squalls and had a slip & slide adventure on our way back. I’m known to hike in my slippahs and today I had to hike up and down a cliff barefooted cause the slippahs were sliding like a hot knife on butter. It took several puddles to wash the mud off.

The best off it, was hearing my friend Diane humming on our way back – what a sport ! 

 Nt. All photos were taken from long distance, using zoom, then cropping.

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