Tuesday, April 18, 2017

4/18/2017 DB's Dailies:

Though I got to Makai Pier at 0745, it would be 1015 before my first critter hauled up out of Seal Rock Inlet. To my surprise it would prove to be Kea (RN46). The boy last visited RI on 3-31-17, so this absence has been 18 days. ID was by his L&RFF natural bleaches.

On my mid day recheck of the SE quadrant I pulled into the Blowhole Lookout at 1130 and peered down the frontage of Sandy Beach. There at the far east end was a likely looking rock.  When I got down there at 1152, it proved to be Buster (RV08) , HMMA was already on scene.

AT 0637 Tam Billand checked in with word of Benny (RE74) at Paradise Cove.

At 0745 RN14 joined Benny. Both would enter the water and swim/play/fight in the cove area. Both would land again at 0943 per the Billands.

At 1310 the Billands advised that Kekoa (RK72) was at Maili, and was just being joined by Kerby (RW08).

The Donna sent a coupla; shots from her kayaker posse from Moku Nui today. The 3rd and last of these confirmed that it was Nani (RK60).

Posse member Vicki Hangai sent shots from her circle island tour today, of R5AY & RI37 at Hauula, and she found Holokai (RG40) at the Keiki Pool, Turtle Bay. He had last been seen on 3-31-17.

R5AY & RI37
Benny & RN14
 The Crowd
Kekoa and Kerby

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