Sunday, April 3, 2016

4/3/206 Kolohe at Paradise Cove

Thank you Melina for sharing your day... glad you had some people on your side out there today.

This is a first for me to watch Kolohe at Paradise Cove. We heard it was Pohaku until I saw him turn and saw his natural bleach mark on his upper side. He slept the entire time, maybe snorted twice and peeked around just a few times. I was glad he did not come to shore with the huge crowd today. At 5:10 this evening, a diver climbed onto the rocks near Kolohe, at first it seemed he didn't know the seal was there, but many bystanders her purposely dragged his spear across the rocks near the seal. Kolohe stared him down real good, then slipped into the water and swam to the ocean. Many bystanders were upset the diver did that. I asked the man if he encounters a seal again, to please back away. I let him know the distance between us and seals, the seal needed to sleep, etc. The man said "Oh well, uh, dat seal went eat my fish." I reminded him nicely that the seal was sleeping the entire time the man was diving. Many people heard what he said and they were not happy with him. I had some good people on my side today.

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