Tuesday, April 12, 2016

4/12/2016 DB's Dailies:

I'm going to assume there was a pilot error since all I received today was 2 emails with photos and no text explaining anything that happened today....  This happens once in a while.... :-) 

I will do my best.... without having a clue of what really took place today.

Benny@Maili Point, Kekoa@Maili Guard Rails, Team Billand found these two dudes at some point during the day.


Right Spot@ 3 Tables, Carola Johnston, U/U@Ka'ena Pt, Colleen's Daughter,
Right Spot
 nice couple who helped out today
 UU at Ka'ena Point - thanks to Colleen's daughter 

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Anonymous said...

This is your captain speaking. Donna is absolutely correct. It was most definitely pilot error that accounts for the lack of text, and daily photos. I clicked on everybody EXCEPT Donna when I sent out the dailies last night. So here is what you missed. Sadie (RB12) made her return to Rabbit Island, lookin' very chunky. She is due on or about the 30th. Nani & Kolohe were also in residence. DB