Monday, April 4, 2016

4/4/2016 DB's Dailies: Cass @ Rabbit Island, RG32@Spitting Cave, Pohaku@Paradise Cove, Kolohe,Kekoa,RA20&U/U@Maili Point, U/U@3 Tables, 4-4-16, Y/N Ka'ena & RL04@Ka'ena Point

It was quite a day. What is left of my brain cells were taxed, and my texting thumb (yeah... I’m just a 1 thumber) may never be the same.

 Beginning out here in the SE quadrant, I found the little green girl, Cass (RG06) on Rabbit Island today. I found her up in the grass, right of 3BS, and she was greener than the island. She moved down and remained all day.

 My most favorite Canadians, Todd & Darlene Van Elslander, avid blog readers, and valued posse members, are back on the annual vacation in Hawaii. For them, Monk Seals come first. They earned their Manapua today, with a call at 1244 call reporting RG32 doing 6 minute dives at Spitting Cave. Even with the horrible afternoon glare they still managed to get easily recognizable “L5" bleach shots on the little guy. Ya’ Done Good guys !

 The day actually began with a call from Warren Miles at 0643 reporting Pohaku (RO28) at Paradise Cove. I also heard Nancy, Lisa & Michelle’s names on this response. Mahalos to all. Warren reported Pohaku’s departure at 1145.  I need to add my 2 cents.... I got a message from a friend Melanie visiting from Michigan... she and her family staying at Paradise Cove.... they were excited to see  a large seal lounging on the shoreline.... I think I surprised her when I told her I knew who the seal was.

 All the brain and thumb damage came with an afternoon long challenge to ID 4 seals at Maili Point. Vera Cober & Melina Clark were the stars of the game. It began with Melina shots of an U/U at 1115. An ID was impossible. Vera Cober sent shots of a confirmed Kekoa (RK72) & Kolohe (RW22) together on on the lower rocks. She too got shots of the unknown animal that Melina had documented, but an ID was still not possible, through Tracy & I went over & over who it might be. A fourth animal arrived after Vera departed, and joined the unknown animal. On an above & beyond mission by Melina later in the day, she managed to get an A21 tag shot, confirming the animal as the 2009 daughter of R5AY, on Kauai. The fourth animal was not identified. Maybe tomorrow. Thanks to both Vera & Melina. Ya’ Done Good !

 1855 mail from Karen Roehter brought word of what unfortunately remains an U/U at 3 Tables today.

 More kudos remain. In the Yesterday’s News department an email from Tracy at 0904 brought word that she had looked at the shots sent by Tammy & Dave T., from 3-29-16 at Ka’ena Point, and advised that the ID of RW02 that day was in error. In was , in fact, a visiting 3 year old Molokai female, RL04. When blown up the tag shot showed a distinct L04. To Tammy&Dave & Tracy, Ya’ Done Good !!

Kekoa & Kolohe
 A20/A21  - Honey girl's daughter born 2009 on Kauai
UU at 3 tables
Ka'ena and RL04 - yesterday's more like last weeks news

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