Saturday, April 9, 2016

4/9/2016 DB's Dailies: Kekoa@Maili Pt, Benny&U/U@Tracks, Pohaku@CIP, Benny@Paradise Cove, Ka'ena,RW02,RK36,Squinty&BG@Ka'ena Point

The SE quadrant was a bust today, to include Rabbit Island. Gayle & I were both out and around and came up empty.

 At 0631 Team Billand reported Kekoa (RK72) at Maili Point.

 At 0833 they reported Benny (RE74) & an U/U, foraging off shore of Tracks. The U/U has a small natural bleach on the head, suggesting a possible Kaiwi, but ????????????

 At 1125 the Billands found Pohaku (RO28) foraging off shore of Campbell Industrial Park.

 At 1140 a Dana text advised that Ralph was at Paradise Cove with an animal on the rocks. Ralph would get the Benny (RE74) ID at 1206, by tag. The Billands also stopped by to check on Benny mid afternoon.

 Marilyn & Lesley trekked to the End of the World for their usual Saturday Ka’ena Point check. At 0949 Marilyn reported Ka’ena (RO40) east of Ka’ena’s Pool, and RW02,Squinty (R330)&RK36 together outside at the Main Pool.

 At 1036 they discovered BG (R303) east of BG’s Pool.

 Squinty R330 and RW02
 feel like this is a puzzle ... how many seals ?
Squinty, RW02 and RK36  and a lot of seal rocks 
 R330 aka Squinty
 RW02, Squinty and RK36
 she's back to Ka'ena point after a little visit to Turtle bay
Kekoa at Maili Point
 Pohaku at Campbells
Benny @tracks
 Benny and UU
 Benny at Paradise Cove

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