Saturday, April 16, 2016

4/16/2016 DB's Dailies: Kea&RG32@Rabbit Island, Pohaku@Paradise Cove, Ka'ena,RW02&RL2@Ka'ena Point, Kekoa&Kolohe@Guard Rails, Benny@Makua Beach

At 0745 I found what would prove to be Kea (RN46) snoozin’ in the Morning Glory, 30 ft right of 3BS on Rabbit Island. He has returned from an 8 day mission to only Kea knows where.

 The other RI animal of the last few days were missing today. I think at least two of them may well have been at Moku Nui today, according to Instagram.

 At 0929 the little dude, RG32 hauled out to join Kea. They were the entire cast today.

 The Billand’s day began at 0515 with a call from Paradise Cove. They found and cordoned off Pohaku (RO28). She is lookin’ huge ! Thanks to Nancy,Warren,Melina,Lisa & anybody that I missed.

At 0942 the Billands reported the arrival of Kekoa (RK72) to Maili Guard Rails.

 At 0952 Kolohe (RW22) hauled out to Maili Guard Rails, but at a separate location.

 At 1112 they reported Benny (RE74) at Makua Beach.

 Marilyn & Lesley did the End of the World trek today. They found Ka’ena (RO40) and what would prove to be RW02 at the Main Pool,at 0949, At 0956 they found RL42 on the back beach.

 A text from Dana advised of a reported animal near Access#101B. Tony Q was responding. Tony covered the area and spoke with the caller, but there was nobody to be found. Apparently there had been a previous call about the animal a bit before the second. It has hauled out briefly but the adoring hordes would not allow any rest and it continued on, some even entering the water to try to swim with it. Where is the access?  Waikiki?  

 Kea and RG32 
Ka'ena and RW02
she's HUGE...  

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Anonymous said...

Regarding Access#101B, I left out one tiny bit of info,like where is that ! It is the access path at the end of the street between Kennecke's & the 7-11 in Waimanalo. Sorry ! DB