Tuesday, December 22, 2015

12/22/2015 DB's Dailies: Kimo Kai,U/M,Kolohe,RM38&Kaiwi@RI, /RK36@Turtle Bay, Pohaku@Campbell Industrial Park, Benny@Paradise Cove

Observation conditions were better than yesterday, but still a challenge. It was , however, a very interesting day.

 At 0712 on my first look I found what would later prove to be Kimo Kai (RT12), snoozin’ at the log, 40 ft left of 1BS, and what would end the day remaining an U/M at the vegetation line, behind Seal Rock Inlet. Based on the available info I’m hopeful that it might be Buster but I cannot prove that at all. Maybe tomorrow ???

 I got back to Makai Pier ate 0815 and all remained the same. At 0904 Kolohe (RW22) hauled out to 1BS, and galumphed up and into the Morning Glory, fronting 1BS. At the same time Kimo Kain started down to the west end of the beach.

 On a pan at 1029 I found a D#7,45% molted RM38 just moving out of his hideout in the tall grass. He would move down, and the U/M became aware of him and galumphed over. They remained 5-10 ft apart for the day, with no interaction.

 At 1057 what would prove to be Kaiwi (RK96) hauled out to the west end, and began moving up toward Kimo Kai. He was also moving toward her. There was lots of contact with no hostility at all. When I came back from a pan I found that Kolohe had become aware of the goings on, and had galumphed from his 1BS location, to get involved in the action. He and Kimo Kai did a 12 rounder, with Kolohe maintaining prime positioning, cutting off Kimo Kai’s access to Kaiwi. Kolohe was clearly winning until he just lost interest and allowed Kimo Kai access, high on the beach near the Morning Glory. Not long after that Kimo Kai lost interest also, and moved back down to join Kolohe.
At 1225 Kaiwi began to galump back down toward the water line. It was at that time that I got to see her left side for the first time, and lo & behold there was Mark’s N96 bleach, high on the left side. I saw it on 3 separate occasions, however it was not visible to the camera. It is difficult to see, and unreadable under today’s conditions, however it is right were I know Mark put it.

 At 0648 Diane Gabriel called with the report of an overnighted RK36 east of the Elbow, Turtle Bay. He was in the process of departing.

 At 0749 Team Billand checked in with the report of Pohaku (RO28) once again foraging off shore of the lighthouse at Campbell Industrial Park. On their 1235 check she was still foraging, however she was now fronting Germaine’s Luau Grounds, 100 yds or so east of her previous location.

 At 1625 the Billands got a call about an animal at Paradise Cove. When they arrived at 1648 they confirmed the Benny (RE74) ID.

 Kaiwi, Kimo Kai and Kolohe
 Kimo Kai and Kolohe
 RM38 and U/M 
 Benny at Paradise Cove
 glad Benny wasn't the main attraction
 Ha Benny's no impressed
 Pohaku foraging.... she has been in the water  most times...

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