Sunday, December 27, 2015

12/27/2015 DB's Dailies: RM38,Kolohe&Kea2Rabbit Island, Pohaku@Campbell Industrial Park, Ka'ena,RW02,Luana&RL42@ Ka'ena Point, Rocky@Kaimana Beach, Ola@Turtle Bay, Kekoa@Maili Point, Right Spot@MCBH, RK36@Turtle Bay

The Top Story in today’s edition is Ola (RG03) haul out near McKenzie’s, Turtle Bay. The Dana text arrived at 0946, advising that volunteers were there, and the NOAA team with on the way. Ola was successfully captured, however Michelle could not visualize the hook, in the field so at 1228 she was transported to the NOAA facility at Ford Island. Awaiting further word at this writing. Thanks to NOAA personnel & volunteers for all the communication and to Dr. Tom & Carola thank you for the shots.
 A call from Dana at 1732 brought word from NOAA personnel that Ola will undergo surgery tomorrow for removal of the hook.   By far the best XMAS present.... !!! Thank you to everyone out there.... you all get huge brownie points in heaven! 

 Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming.

 At 0758 I found RM38 snoozin’ in the Morning Glory, 30 ft left of 1BS.

 On a pan at 0935 I found Kolohe (RW22) just hauling out of Seal Rock Inlet.

 On a pan at 0937 I suddenly became aware that there was somebody else hiding in the MG behind RM38. It would take 4 hours, but Kea (RN46) finally showed me his RFF natural bleach. All would remain the entire day.

 Team Billand checked in at 0704 to report a foraging Pohaku (RO28) fronting Germaine’s Luau Grounds, Campbell Industrial Park. She was doing 5 minute dives.

 Marilyn was flying solo today on the End of the World adventure. She called at 0931 to advise that she had a gang of four all in a bunch at the main pool, Ka’ena Point. They were Ka’ena (RO40), RW02, Luana (RN58) & RL42.

 A Colleen text at 0946 advised that she had found an overnighted Rocky (RH58) at Kaimana Beach. Colleen reported that she was still there at 1205. I’ve gotten no new updates so far.

 At 1120 the Billands checked in again with the report of Kekoa (RK72), without RIP, at Maili Point. 

A Dana text at 1154 advised that Jo Ann Stepien had reported Right Spot (R016) at MCBH. Lusi Perry and husband also reported her later in the day and provided a shot.

 A Melanie text at 1419 advised that RK36 was at the Elbow, Turtle Bay.
 Luana, RL42, RW02 and Ka'ena - This is so funny... some type of seal circle... 
 RW02 and Luana
 i say there is a secret seal society hard at work... some type of sacred circle
Ola's nasty hook... she'll be feeling much better tomorrow!
 right spot at MCBH
Beautiful Sunrise at Campbells
 Pohaku foraging

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