Tuesday, December 29, 2015

12/29/2015 Sleep with the Angels Little Ola Loa

Today's news is just heartbreaking..... I found myself in tears several times during the day... and furious the other part of the day....  My heart goes out to all of you who spent time with this precious little girl.... and to the NOAA team, Doc Michelle and Doc Greg thank you for your heroic efforts in trying to save her.... 

I found a couple of pics from our pal Vera that show off our little girl in better days. 
I hope the rainbow bridge has a wonderful sandy beach waiting for you and your siblings are there to greet you ....


Madhatter in Ohio said...

So sad to hear about Ola Loa
RIP little one RIP

b said...

One day after losing Haupu RB24, we took Olivia to go see Ola Loa. Olivia clapped her hands in JOY to see Ola Loa nursing with MOM. We were shocked to see Ola so fiesty at a young age, HAPPY she was FIESTY.

We met up with Carola. We had a heartful talk about how Haupu passed away, cried some, hugged. Carola was soothing to me and I thank her for that morning with Olivia.

Seeing Ola Loa gave us hope. There she was nursing away mom's delicious milk to make her healthy and Happy.

I had hoped Haupu had the same opportunity to nurse her two sons...but it didnt happen.

I loved all the reports of Ola through the months from all the volunteers that so loved her. And what a beautiful name they came up with..OLA LOA.

Robert and I and Olivia express our sympathies to all you beautiful Volunteers who worked so hard to keep an eye out for the seals. Our hearts are in pain same as you on this tragic event.

I know you are all hurting, sad, in Ola Loa's passing, but, we all need to keep fighting for our seals...they need all of you, we still need to educate, protect each Hawaiian Monk Seal.

I dont know what we all can do about the hookings, it will continue to happen..weather by accident or not. I am so sorry guys.

I hope you will all continue your excellent work with the seals. Even if it hurts to lose them...we have to carry on..PLEASE.

Now Ola Loa can meet up with U ilani RN36, Kakaina L54, Hoku RW18, Penelope and all the rest of the seals we lost in just two years. We will miss them all and treasure all those photos we took. And to keep each memory close to our hearts.

SNORT. BAH!!!!!!!!!! WHOOP!!!!!!!!

Jeannie Martinson said...

Anyone seen Holokai lately? :( Jeannie M^^^

Anonymous said...

There are pics of Holokai in the 12-28-15 blog posting when he was at TB.

So sorry to hear of Ola's passing. What a beautiful little seal she was. Thank you to all the people who worked so hard to care for her.


Gábor said...

I am still very sad of what happened to Ola, however, I feel very lucky to had the chance to see and document her growing up. I created a short video of my photography on the North Shore which includes lots of photography and motion pictures of Ola. The video can be seen here: youtu.be/sjlVBgbCNUA