Thursday, December 17, 2015

12/17/2015 DB's Dailies: Duke&RM38@Rabbit IslandPohaku@Paradise Cove, RW02@Makua Cliffs, U/F Hanaka'ilio Bch, Ola, R5AY&RK36@ Turtle Bay, Ka'ena@Ka'ena Pt, Luana@Hidden Bch,

Both Gayle & I did passes through the quadrant and came up zero, except for the Rabbit Island cast. On my 2nd look at RI I found what would prove to be Duke (RA12) at the log, 40 ft left of 1BS, and a D#3 , 15% molted RM38, 80 ft right of 3BS. Both remained all day.

 A Dana text at 0840 advised Warren Miles was on his way to Paradise Cove on the report of an animal. At 0910 Warren forwarded a shot to the Billands, which confirmed the Pohaku (RO28) ID. They Billands would later check in on Pohaku. Dana mail at 1730 advised that Pohaku had departed. 

At 1440 Team Billand found RW02 at Makua Cliffs.

 1600 mail from Tammy T., brought word that she & Dave had trekked to the End of the World today. They found a 100% molted Ka’ena (RO40) initially on the back beach, but he entered the water, and relocated to the main pool.

 Though she had not been there on the way in, they found Luana (RN58) at Hidden Beach on the way out. Thanks guys !

 Carola Johnston definitely had quite a little Monk Seal day . The tale begins with email & shot from Dr. Tom advising of an U/F on Hanaka’ilio Beach, fronting the Kahuku airstrip (old WW2 site) , between Marconi Rd and Kahuku Golf Course. Dana advised that Carola was going to check. On her way however , she chanced on to our long lost girl Ola Loa (RG03) at the Elbow, Turtle Bay, at 1138. According to my data she was last seen on 9-22-15. Carola continued on the site of the UF and got shots, however the ID is still inconclusive. Awaiting additional shots from Carola. The animal was gone on her 1516 check.

 At 1513 I got word that Carola had reported R5AY , Ola’s mom, also hauling out to the Elbow.

 As if that weren’t enough, at 1628 Carola reported RK36 hauling out to join R5AY.

Ola Loa
 RK36 and R5AY
 UF at Kahuku air strip
Ka'ena from Tammy and Dave
Luana at hidden beach
Pohaku at Paradise Cove
 rainbow over reef runway
 sunrise at white plains 

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Madhatter from Ohio said...

Great news. Ola Loa is back!!!!
It was nice to see Ola and Honey Girl are safe.
Ola looks a little green, wonder where has been?