Thursday, November 12, 2015

11/12/2015 DBs Dailies: Kolohe,Kimo Kai,Kainoa&Kea@Rabbit Island, RW02@Mokuleia, RK36,RIP&Luana@Ka'ena Point, Pohaku@Secrets, U/U@Reef Runway

On my first look at Rabbit Island at 0656 I foiund all of today’s cast. Kolohe (RW22)& Kimo Kai (RT12) were together up in the Morning Glory fronting 1BS. Kea (RN46)&Kainoa (RN04) were together in the Morning Glory, 80 ft right of 3BS.

 When I got back to Makai Pier at 0804 Kimo Kai was just moving down, and I noted that Kainoa was gone from 3BS. At 0840 Kainoa hauled out to join Kimo Kai, and at 0842 both entered the water.

 At 1000 a Sea Engineering employee who had been conducting experiments on the pier came up to advise me that 2 seals had just swum under the pier, and were headed in an easterly direction . With binoculars from the 2nd floor I could see two animals playing near shore between the pier and Kaupo Beach Park. I could see that one was small and the other larger. I have zero proof, but I gotta’ cat that says it was Kimo Kai & Kainoa, but ???????

 At 0710 Team Billand called to advise that they had gotten a call about an animal at Paradise Cove, however there was nobody there.

 At 0736 Lesley called to advise that she had seen an animal at the water line at the location were RW02 has been molting, apparently readying to enter the water. By the time to got to the location the animal had departed. Chances are excellent that it was RW02.

 At 0950 Team Billand called from the Reef Runway where they were doing their regular check. They were just a galumph or two behind and animal that was just departing as they arrived. No ID was possible.

 Tammy T., did the Ka’ena Point trek today. She called AT 0809 to advise that she had RK36 & RIP(RR70) together on the back beach, KP. RK36 would depart at some point. While observing those two, she heard animal sounds over toward the main pool. She observed Luana (RN58) and another animal playing near the main pool. They would move off shore. Luana would haul out to the main pool. Tammy took a walk down to a spot near the runway, and there found Ka’ena (RO40). Whether he might have been the other animal is impossible to know. When Tammy got back to the main pool at she discovered what would prove to be RK36 just hauling out. She had ruled out RK36 as the animal with Luana since he was still on the back beach with RIP at that time.

 After email from The Donna, brought a forward of two animals on the Mokes today. I was unable to ID seal#1. It appears youngish with a new coat. Seal#2 was a piece of cake due to her hard life with the scars to prove it. It was most definitely KC (RK28). Her last sighting was on 10-1-15, 70% molted on Kauai.  Thank you Kailua Sailboards, & Kayaks

 At 1508 Team Billand called advising that they were with Pohaku (RO28) at Secret Beach. Mahalos to Warren&Paula ! Pohaku departed at 1820.
KC on Moke Nui
 wish we knew who this critter was....
Paula, Warren and Pohaku at Secret Beach 
 UU doing a swim by at reef runway

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