Friday, November 27, 2015

11/27/2015 Pohaku - Late Photos (Pohaku from Melina Clark - Benny and Buster - Team Billand)

Pohaku at Nanakuli
Benny and Buster in the same zone white plains
crazy day at white plains...

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b said...

Many thanks to Warren Miles and to Angel Covington for the watches...with Benny and Buster.

To Melina Clark with Pohaku later in the day to her departure in Nanakuli. we didnt want to leave her alone out there, but, had to RETURN to Plains with Benny and Buster.

Was a crazy afternoon at Plains, there were lots of folks out there, kind of like a Saturday.

A boy ran up to Benny, we all yelled at him to get out NOW. He was right next to about a heart attack. With signs up, ropes would think he and his MOM would know better. Tsk, Tsk.

NO seals at Campbells, no trails, no wallows...that was the call from Last Night of FOUR SEALS THERE. I dont think so...

Tomorrow is Saturday, hope we can get volunteers help at Plains...PLEASE GUYS!!!