Tuesday, November 3, 2015

11/3/2015 DB's Dailies: Aukai,Kimo Kai & U/W @ Rabbit Island, RW02 @ Mokuleia, U/U Turtle Bay

On my first look at Rabbit Island I found what would prove to be Aukai (RL12) at the log, 40 left of 1BS. She would later move down, allowing the ID.

 When I got back to the pier at 0841 I found an U/M fronting 3BS. He would enter the water at 1139, and hauled out to join Aukai for the rest of the day. I checked my Kimo Kai (RT12) file when I got home and compared the mottled pattern I’ve seen the last couple of day, as well as a small throat scar on today’s animal. It was a match. At least some of my U/M sightings have been Kimo Kai.

 On a pan at 0916 I found a weaner moving into view from out of the Morning Glory behind Seal Rock Inlet. Unfortunately, view conditions made it impossible to confirm an ID. About half the time I thought I saw a female belly, then the other half, a male. I did not see the L5 bleach associated with RG32, so Cass is still a possibility, but I don’t want to repeat last week’s “Oooops” so I’ll hold of on an ID. Maybe tomorrow ???

 Lesley called at 0745 with the daily RW02 report from his hideout between Lyman Castle & Camp Erdman. His molt looks to be progressing up the sides and on the back. Between poop & molt, Lesley says you smell him waaaaay before you see him !

 Thomas Sperandeo sent photos of an animal he encountered ½ mile east of Elbow Beach. There just wasn’t enough info in the shots to confirm an ID or sex.

I don’t often cover Big Island news, but with Colleen’s find of RW34 (H01) this past weekend, a follow up is required. Early morning mail from Colleen advised that she had heard from Claire on the BI, that RW34 had pupped last night at 1730 !

 Aukai and Kimo Kai
 Kimo Kai
 unidentified weaner 
RW02 hidden away 
 beginning his molt
 UU beyond elbow beach

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