Saturday, November 7, 2015

11/7/2015 DB's Dailies: RW02@Hidden Beach, Ka'ena@Ka'ena Point, Marilyn Dunlap, Benny @ Paradise Cove, Team Billand, RIP & RL42@Ka'ena Point, Marilyn Dunlap,

It was one of those thankfully rare, Nobody/Nowhere days in the SE quadrant. Both Gayle & I combed the coast but alas found nothing, including Rabbit Island.

Fortunately, Marilyn & Lesley had a much more productive day. At 1004 Marilyn called with the report of RW02, 80% molted, at Hidden Beach. He wa still there on their way out, but had relocated to the othe side of the beach.

Also on the 1004 called she reported having Ka’ena (RO40), and an 85% molted RIP (RR70) on the back beach.

At 1457 Marilyn checked in again with RL42 in an outside tide pools just east of the main pool.

The only other report received today was from the Billands (welcome home!), reporting Benny at Paradise Cove. Mahalos to Auntie Nettie & Terri for being there.

 Ka'ena at Ka'ena Point
 almost done with his molt
 more merman look a like
 from the front looks clean
 Rip molt almost complete
 RL42 at Ka'ena Point
Benny at Paradise Cove
 Happy to see Benny boy and thrilled team Billand is back

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Anonymous said...

I was wondering where Benny has been.
Happy to see him again!