Friday, September 19, 2014

yesterday's news - pics from Lesley

These are the photos taken on our Wednesday KPt monitoring  (RW02 "Kauai" & RL42) and Waialua hotline response for 4DF "Makaiwi". The big swell of the week cleaned all the pools and brought more sea debris to the coastlines.

We are working directly with  State Parks and the Division of Forestry and Wildlife / DLNR reporting the removal and tampering of rocks that delineate paths at the point, as well as other locations. The reports also include the disappearance and vandalization of signage; abandoned vehicles and dogs on or off leashes (not allowed past parking and paved road).
 Yesterday, Kimo L. & I checked all beaches from Waialua to Mokuleia and didn't see any seals.  Aloha, Lesley 
Lesley's partner in crime Kimo Lyman 
 Turtle making tracks

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