Wednesday, September 17, 2014

9/16/2014 Report Update from Lesley

Three volunteers go out on a mission and none reports the one finding of the day, probably cause one thought the other one was going to do it.

I choose the scenic route to go meet Diane, on my way I stopped @ Blowhole to look at the big south swell and met DB there doing a morning check. Shortly after another of my stops I saw him walking down Makai Pier.

Diane & I did our usual stops searching for seals along the Windward coast from Kualoa, Kaaawa, Punalu'u, Hauula, Ponders, Laie, Malaekahana, Kahuku BP, Marconi Rd / out to High Rock. We picked up Karen T. on our way, stopped for lunch then did the TBR monitoring.

Our only find was RK82 "La'akea" @ Kaihalulu Beach (main beach @ Right Spot's spot) - she is looking beautiful in her new coat.

We swept Kaihalulu Beach towards "Elbow Beach" and did not see a sign of haul out / trails. It doesn't look like the seals have been using the beach there for several weeks now.

With the exception of Karen & Diane reports, and sometimes Dr. Tom we haven't had any other seal sighting calls. 
We have already checked-in to solve the issue of the disappearance and misplacing of the signs @ TBR.   Aloha, Lesley 
 Seal Whisperer on his way to his perch 
for those who aren't familiar with Makai pier.... the little building in the back is where DB sits and watches the seal on Rabbit Island through a scope.... his photos are amazing is ability to SEE and ID them unbelievable !!!
 two dedicated trekkers who are out there with Lesley
Diane and Karen

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