Friday, September 19, 2014

9/19/2014 Lesley Hotline Response to Rocky

I received Hotline call reporting a big seal at Diamond Head Lighthouse. I informed V/C Dana then Kimo Lyman & I responded. A beachgoer had already put signs up. The signs were way to close to the seal so I moved them back. We did a lot of outreach.
At 12:55 she moved into the water and started moving very slowly on the shoreline towards the Lighthouse. When she got near the showers she hauled out and rested for a while then entered the water again @ 13:40 PM. She moved again very slowly making her way thru the channel towards the deep and stayed floating near the lineup. After putting the signs away in the box we went back up to the car. Up from the road we could still see her floating around.
Pre molt-behavior?
At 3:35PM Dana called reporting a seal haul out at Kaimana Beach - it may be RH58 "Rocky"  Aloha,  Lesley \
GREAT SHOT.... lol 

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