Sunday, September 28, 2014

9/28 DB's Dailies: Duke,Kainoa,Kaiwi&Nani@RI, U'ilani@KoOlina, Haupu@WP, Rocky@Kaimana, Buster@HB, T990@Aina Haina

When I arrived at Makai Pier at 0712 I found Kainoa (RN04) & Duke (RA12) together fronting 1BS, and Kaiwi (RK96), 60 ft right of Seal Rock Inlet, up in the Morning Glory. Her D#2 molt is 10%.

 At 1057 Nani (RK60) would haul out 80 ft left of SRI, and galumph up and into the Morning Glory. Kaiwi would galumph over to join her.

 At 1410 HB posse member Martha called with the report of a “cruiser” swimming the beach front at Hanauma Bay. Just as we arrived another call advised that the animal was on the beach at the east end. By the time we got down there at 1423, the animal had departed the beach and was just hauling out to the left side rock flats. It would take an hour to get the ID, but it proved to be Buster (RV08). His choice of haul out locations is significant. Prior to yesterday’s first time ever on the beach at HB, his only other HB experience had come in May of 2012, when, for 4 days he hauled out to these same left side flats, to hang out with his Mom, Ewa Girl (RS00).

 Dana called at 1804 with a report of an animal in the Aina Haina area. I called the person and arranged to go to her house. When we arrived 0647 we found T990, with his 4DV tag clearly visible. He was snug against a hedge, and sleeping like a snoring baby. He appeared well and behaved appropriately.

At 0823 Team Billand called to advise of a call about an animal at Lagoon #1 , KoOlina. Diane T., would provide the U’ilani (RN36) ID at 0839. U’ilani departed at 1705. Thanks to Diane T.,& Jean. 

Also at 0823 the Billands advised they were responding to a White Plains call. At 0838 the found Haupu (RB24) fronting #1708, WP. Haupu departed at 1600. Thanks to Laurie & Jean.

At 1211 the Billands advised that Dana had mentioned to them that Rocky (RH58) was once again at Kaimana. I had not gotten the word... again. I called Colleen and she confirmed that Rocky was there again today.

 Two piece came in for the Yesterday’s News Department. Kimo Smith sent shots from Ka’ena Point yesterday. He came after Marilyn’s trek, and saw essentially the same cast, Ka’ena, RIP & RW02, but additionally he found BG (R303) in BG’s pool.

 The other piece of info came from Michael Wharton who sent Team Billand underwater shots he took yesterday of U’ilani at Paradise Cove.

Kainoa and Duke 
 Nani and Kaiwi 
 Haupu at White Plains 
 U'ilani at Paradise Cove... she's having a staycation
 she seems to like this relax mode
Yesterday's News BG at Ka'ena Point
 It's always a special treat to see photos of seals under water.... they're so graceful ... we get to see their full figures floating on by.

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