Wednesday, September 3, 2014

9/2/2014 Pohaku at Nanakuli

This seal is about to give everyone a heart attack if she gets any closer to the road!!!  Thank you to team Billand and Debbie T for keeping her safe today.... 

 Well at least she sticking close to the sign on the beach
Look at this !!  she's right there...
 Thank goodness she didn't decide to go any further
 Okay the next series of photos are priceless!  
Pohaku is pointing out the sign.
 She is embracing the message!
 Now she's reciting the message on the sign
 and finally she's having a good belly laugh
Thank you Pohaku for the laugh!


barbara said...

When we came upon Pohaku in the early morn, we went...HOLY CRAP!!! What are we gonna do now?

We stayed for little over an hour, parked the car in front of her..she even inched in towards the road another 6 feet. We did all we could, she was too visible..I called Dana, this is nuts!!! And we need to leave.

Diane and Laurie D. were the next volunteers to keep a watch. But by then, Pohaku had moved over the sand cliff and closer to the water. There are all kinds of characters out there, so there needs to be someone to monitor this seal.

Next to guard Pohaku were Debbie and I..and we did have one nut case come by three times, but we took care of it...some how.

We had some really cool people who stayed behind the signs, asked all kinds of questions, really felt for Pohaku. And was grateful we were protecting her..We sure appreciate nice guys.

THEN: The heavy rains came around 5 or we were soaked but we still stayed. We talked about leaving, but, stayed till Pohaku, FINALLY Got OFF HER BUTT..and quickly took off out to sea..HOORAY!!! We gathered the signs in the heavy rain, that flooded the roads. Bid farewell to each other, carrying all the equipment and chairs to our cars.

Thanks to those troopers for coming to the aid of Pohaku, a magnificent Hawaiian Monk Seal. We promised to take care of her from 2009. I wonder if she will be close to the road again...HOPE NOT. We'll see in a few minutes.

Angelica Covington said...

Those pictures of Pohaku with the sign and open mouth are magnificent. Just love them.